Salutes From Society

These are some of the clients and professionals kind enough to say nice things about us. Without being slipped any cash under the table.

Picture us blushing now.

Michelle Cramer

  • President & CEO
  • Cramer & Associates

They bring a gift of being able to get the work at hand completed, while at the same time making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Their ability to engage and stimulate conversation and creative thinking is a true talent, indeed!

Benefitted greatly from their creativity and strategic guidance

Our firm has benefitted greatly from their creativity and strategic guidance and we look forward to continuing this strategic alliance with them.

Rachel Finney

  • Executive Director
  • Capital Area Humane Society

If you’re looking for a creative team to join you on your conventional path, keep looking. Longstride’s not for you. But if you want a band of merry men to shake things up and finally tell your story in a meaningful way, there’s no better team out there.

There's no better team out there

Longstride took the time to really understand our work, our passion and our mission; and they conceptualized ways to help our community not only understand our work, but feel it.

Their creative energy and enthusiasm is contagious. They can relate to anyone and everyone and made our staff and volunteers very comfortable.

At the Capital Area Humane Society, we know how to deliver the highest quality of care to animals in need. We’re experts in care. But telling our story was another story all together. The Longstride team tested the bounds of our comfort zone. And that’s exactly what we needed to push past mediocrity. Now our messaging, along with our upcoming site and identity, matches the quality of our work and mission.

Nonprofit organizations are lead and driven by passionate people motivated by a cause. Longstride is the perfect partner for us because they match and reflect our passion and are unsurpassed in motivation. Get ready to think BIG.

They match and reflect our passion and are unsurpassed in motivation

For a long time, we’ve felt as though we are whispering in a crowded room. We have something important to say, but we’re lost in the shuffle. Longstride is continually helping us define and streamline our message, find our voice and is giving us the amplification we need to be heard.

Larry Shuman

  • Director of Marketing
  • Goodwill

Social media and guerrilla marketing techniques can help level the playing field for nonprofit organizations if used in the right way. The costs are minimal compared to the spectacular return on investment. The guys at Longstride get it — and they’re brimming with sparks of creativity.

The guys at Longstride get it

Jeff Warman

  • Former Executive Creative Director
  • Northlich

The experience they gained while working at Resource, combined with the passion for social change, will be an asset to all companies moving forward. Longstride is a brilliant concept. It comes from a place of authenticity and genuineness that’s rare in this world.

Longstride is a brilliant concept

Ryan Wilkins

  • Director of Marketing
  • Ronald McDonald House

With limited dollars, creativity is the key to successful nonprofit marketing campaigns and tactics. We presented Longstride with significant challenges, and they delivered in every way possible with passion for our mission.

they delivered in every way possible with passion for our mission

I highly recommend them to any organization looking for creative and tech services. They will blow you away and you will have a great time in the process! And their unique focus on our industry is something we should take notice of as a community.

Jillane Douglass

  • Marketing
  • It Gets Better

I worked with Longstride to come up with a video and a message to promote the It Gets Better Project. To show young people the levels of happiness, potential and positive outcomes their lives will reach—if they can just get through their teen years, to remind everyone that they are not alone and will always get better. I personally worked with Anthony Trimpe and communication with him was very easy. He listened and understood my goal for the message I wanted to get across. He provided his insight to what would make it better and more powerful. I was extremely pleased with my product as it surpassed anything I could have ever asked for!

surpassed anything I could have ever asked for

With the help from Longstride, I was able to promote for this organization and bring in a more diverse crowd that I probably would not have had without this video.

Having this helped me get in touch with the Ellen DeGeneres show to further spread the movement of love. I am so grateful for their help and the level of respect there was in working with Longstride. This was my first time working with them and I’m positive it will not be my last!

Cindy Lazarus

  • Former CEO
  • Flying Horse Farms

It was our first full summer open for camp, and to be honest, our entire staff was a little apprehensive about a video team coming in and how it might be intrusive for our kids dealing with cancer and sickle cell anemia. But we were all proven wrong and our anxiety alleviated when the guys first showed up. They were true professionals, had an amazing vision and completely blended in at camp. In fact, the kids LOVED having them around and even signed a shirt for Longstride upon leaving. You could see that they had a true passion for helping kids and it was awesome.

true passion for helping kids

The work they did for us made me cry and helped really set the tone for conferences and our being accepted into Paul Newman’s Hole In The Wall foundation. From meeting strenuous deadlines, being personable and making friends with our campers and delivering quality work, I can’t thank them enough for their help and look forward to future projects.

Scott Caine

  • CEO
  • GroundWork Group

The team from Longstride created amazing videos for our Nonprofit IT CreativITy Awards. Anthony is a great interviewer – keeping people relaxed and eliciting the most natural responses. We could not have been happier with our decision to work with Longstride. The videos were amazing, the response has been tremendous and we’ve boosted our social media presence — Thank You, Longstride!

we could not have been happier